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Lawlex Legislative Alerts and Premium Research

Across Australia over 70,000 amendments to law are generated each year - Legislative Alerts keep you up to date with legislative change across every Australian jurisdiction.

You define your areas of interest (including specific acts and regulations) and within a day of any proposed or actual amendments being made publicly available, we will send you an email alert containing:

  • plain English summary highlighting the key features of the new legislation
  • a direct link to the new legislation, as available on the internet
  • a link to our tabulated summary of amendments at a section level when appropriate
  • accurate dates of assent or proclamation of new legislation

Specifically, Legislative Alerts cover new:

  • assents
  • bills
  • proclamations
  • regulations
  • amendments by Government gazette

Your Legislative Alerts subscription also provides you with access to Premium Research. This web site allows you to search all Australian legislation from one site. It also allows you to view the:

  • progress of a bill
  • commencement information
  • governing Act for a regulation
  • regulations made under an Act
  • amendments since last consolidation
  • history of amendments to a title
  • gazette reference notices under a specific title
  • past alert summaries

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