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PA Electricity (National Scheme) Act 1997 No. 79 (ACT)
PA Electricity Feed-in (Large-scale Renewable Energy Generation) Act 2011 No. 56 (ACT)
PR Electricity Feed-in (Large-scale Renewable Energy Generation) Regulation 2017 No. 15 (ACT)
PA Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Act 2008 No. 21 (ACT)
PA Electricity Safety Act 1971 No. 30 (ACT)
PA Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission Act 1997 No. 77 (ACT)
PR Utilities (Electricity Restrictions) Regulation 2004 No. 61 (ACT)
PR Utilities (General) Regulation 2017 No. 35 (ACT)
PA Utilities (Technical Regulation) Act 2014 No. 60 (ACT)
PR Utilities (Technical Regulation) Regulation 2017 No. 3 (ACT)
PA Utilities Act 2000 No. 65 (ACT)
PR Utility Networks (Public Safety) Regulation 2001 No. 28 (ACT)
PA Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Registration Fees) Act 2012 No. 133 (CTH)
PA Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 No. 132 (CTH)
PR Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Regulation 2012 No. 239 (CTH)
PA Renewable Energy (Electricity) (Large-scale Generation Shortfall Charge) Act 2000 No. 129 (CTH)
PA Renewable Energy (Electricity) (Small-scale Technology Shortfall Charge) Act 2010 No. 71 (CTH)
PA Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 No. 174 (CTH)
PR Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2009 No. 380 (CTH)
PA AGL Corporate Conversion Act 2002 No. 16 (NSW)
PA Electricity Network Assets (Authorised Transactions) Act 2015 No. 5 (NSW)
PR Electricity Network Assets (Authorised Transactions) Regulation 2016 No. 435 (NSW)
PA Electricity Supply Act 1995 No. 94 (NSW)
PA Energy Services Corporations Act 1995 No. 95 (NSW)
PA Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2017 No. 15 (NSW)
PA National Electricity (New South Wales) Act 1997 No. 20 (NSW)
PR National Electricity (New South Wales) Regulation 2015 No. 714 (NSW)
PA National Electricity (NSW) Law 1997 (NSW)
PR National Electricity (NSW) Regulations 1997 (NSW)
PA Electrical Workers and Contractors Act 1978 No. 28 (NT)
PR Electrical Workers and Contractors Regulations 1984 No. 56 (NT)
PR Electricity Reform (Administration) Regulations 2000 No. 15 (NT)
PR Electricity Reform (Safety and Technical) Regulations 2000 No. 47 (NT)
PR Electricity Reform (System Control and Market Operator Functions Code) Regulations 2015 No. 15 (NT)
PA Electricity Reform Act 2000 No. 10 (NT)
PR Government Owned Corporations (Power and Water Corporation Electricity Businesses Restructure) Regulations 2014 No. 17 (NT)
PR National Electricity (Northern Territory) (National Uniform Legislation) (Modification) Regulations 2016 No. 17 (NT)
PA National Electricity (Northern Territory) (National Uniform Legislation) Act 2015 No. 16 (NT)
PA Power and Water Corporation Act 1987 No. 20 (NT)
PA Power Generation Corporation Act 2014 No. 14 (NT)
PA Power Retail Corporation Act 2014 No. 15 (NT)
PA Utilities Commission Act 2000 No. 9 (NT)
PR Utilities Commission Regulations 2001 No. 30 (NT)
PA Electrical Safety Act 2002 No. 42 (QLD)
PA Electricity - National Scheme (Queensland) Act 1997 No. 27 (QLD)
PR Electricity - National Scheme (Queensland) Regulation 2014 No. 337 (QLD)
PR Electricity (Transfer of Assets to SWQEB) Order (No. 1) 1992 No. 296 (QLD)
PA Electricity Act 1994 No. 64 (QLD)
PA Energy and Water Ombudsman Act 2006 No. 61 (QLD)
PA Geothermal Energy Act 2010 No. 31 (QLD)
PR Government Owned Corporations (Generator Restructure) Regulation 2011 No. 126 (QLD)
PR National Energy Retail Law (Queensland) Regulation 2014 No. 339 (QLD)
PA Electricity Act 1996 No. 96 (SA)
PA Electricity Corporations (Restructuring and Disposal) Act 1999 No. 36 (SA)
PA Electricity Corporations Act 1994 No. 89 (SA)
PR Electricity Corporations Regulations 1997 No. 155 (SA)
PA Emergency Management Act 2004 No. 30 (SA)
PA Essential Services Commission Act 2002 No. 14 (SA)
PB Fuel Watch Bill 2020 (SA)
PA National Electricity (South Australia) Act 1996 No. 44 (SA)
PR National Electricity (South Australia) Regulations 1998 No. 211 (SA)
PA Electricity - National Scheme (Tasmania) Act 1999 No. 28 (TAS)
PA Electricity Companies Act 1997 No. 69 (TAS)
PA Electricity Industry Safety and Administration Act 1997 No. 72 (TAS)
PA Electricity Reform Act 2012 No. 52 (TAS)
PR Electricity Supply Industry (Pricing and Related Matters) Regulations 2013 No. 26 (TAS)
PA Electricity Supply Industry Act 1995 No. 58 (TAS)
PR Electricity Supply Industry Concession Order 2016 No. 49 (TAS)
PA Electricity Supply Industry Restructuring (Savings and Transitional Provisions) Act 1995 No. 49 (TAS)
PA Electricity Wayleaves and Easements Act 2000 No. 64 (TAS)
PA Energy Ombudsman Act 1998 No. 20 (TAS)
PA Hydro-Electric Corporation Act 1995 No. 57 (TAS)
PR Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal Regulations 2014 No. 134 (TAS)
PA Electricity Industry (Residual Provisions) Act 1993 No. 130 (VIC)
PA Electricity Industry Act 2000 No. 68 (VIC)
PR Electricity Safety (Bushfire Mitigation) Regulations 2013 No. 62 (VIC)
PR Electricity Safety (Equipment Efficiency) Revocation Regulations 2012 No. 152 (VIC)
PA Electricity Safety Act 1998 No. 25 (VIC)
PA Energy Safe Victoria Act 2005 No. 39 (VIC)
PA Essential Services Commission Act 2001 No. 62 (VIC)
PA National Electricity (Victoria) Act 2005 No. 8 (VIC)
PA Renewable Energy (Jobs and Investment) Act 2017 No. 56 (VIC)
PA State Electricity Commission Act 1958 No. 6377 (VIC)
PR Daylight Saving Regulations 2006 (WA)
PR Economic Regulation Authority (Electricity Networks Access Funding) Regulations 2012 (WA)
PR Economic Regulation Authority (Licensing Funding) Regulations 2014 (WA)
PR Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991 (WA)
PR Electricity (Network Safety) Regulations 2015 (WA)
PA Electricity Act 1945 No. 19 (WA)
PR Electricity Corporations (Electricity Generation and Retail Corporation Area of Operation) Regulations 2015 (WA)
PR Electricity Corporations (Electricity Generation and Retail Corporation) Regulations 2013 (WA)
PR Electricity Corporations (Transitional) Regulations 2013 (WA)
PR Electricity Corporations (Transitional) Regulations 2006 (WA)
PA Electricity Corporations Act 2005 No. 18 (WA)
PR Electricity Distribution Regulations 1997 (WA)
PR Electricity Industry (Access Code Enforcement) Regulations 2005 (WA)
PR Electricity Industry (Arbitrator and Board Funding) Regulations 2009 (WA)
PR Electricity Industry (Code of Conduct) Regulations 2005 (WA)
PR Electricity Industry (Independent Market Operator) Repeal Regulations 2018 (WA)
PR Electricity Industry (Licence Conditions) Regulations 2005 (WA)
PR Electricity Industry (Obligation to Connect) Regulations 2005 (WA)
PR Electricity Industry (Ombudsman Scheme) Regulations 2005 (WA)
PR Electricity Industry (Wholesale Electricity Market) Regulations 2004 (WA)
PA Electricity Industry Act 2004 No. 5 (WA)
PR Electricity Regulations 1947 (WA)
PA Electricity Transmission and Distribution Systems (Access) Act 1994 No. 86 (WA)
PR Electricity Transmission Regulations 1996 (WA)
PR Energy Industry (Rule Change Panel) Regulations 2016 (WA)
PR Energy Operators (Electricity Generation and Retail Corporation) (Charges) By-laws 2006 (WA)
PR Energy Operators (Regional Power Corporation) (Charges) By-Laws 2006 (WA)
PA Energy Safety Act 2006 No. 24 (WA)
PA Energy Safety Levy Act 2006 No. 25 (WA)
PR Energy Safety Regulations 2006 (WA)
PR Wholesale Electricity Market Rules 2004 (WA)
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