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PA ACTEW/AGL Partnership Facilitation Act 2000 No. 13 (ACT)
PA Gas Safety Act 2000 No. 67 (ACT)
PR Gas Safety Regulation 2001 No. 18 (ACT)
PA National Gas (ACT) Act 2008 No. 15 (ACT)
PR Utilities (Gas Restrictions) Regulation 2005 No. 8 (ACT)
PA Utilities (Network Facilities Tax) Act 2006 No. 58 (ACT)
PA Utilities (Technical Regulation) Act 2014 No. 60 (ACT)
PR Utilities (Technical Regulation) Regulation 2017 No. 3 (ACT)
PA Utilities Act 2000 No. 65 (ACT)
PR Utility Networks (Public Safety) Regulation 2001 No. 28 (ACT)
PA Fuel Security Act 2021 No. 65 (CTH)
PA Fuel Tax Act 2006 No. 72 (CTH)
PA Moomba-Sydney Pipeline System Sale Act 1994 No. 70 (CTH)
PR Pipeline Authority (Liability To Taxation) Regulations 1976 No. 164 (CTH)
PA Submarine Cables and Pipelines Protection Act 1963 No. 61 (CTH)
PA AGL Corporate Conversion Act 2002 No. 16 (NSW)
PA Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2017 No. 15 (NSW)
PA Gas Industry Restructuring Act 1986 No. 213 (NSW)
PA Gas Supply Act 1996 No. 38 (NSW)
PA National Gas (New South Wales) Act 2008 No. 31 (NSW)
PA Pipelines Act 1967 No. 90 (NSW)
PA Bonaparte Gas Pipeline (Special Provisions) Act 2007 No. 35 (NT)
PR Government Owned Corporations (Power and Water Corporation Electricity Businesses Restructure) Regulations 2014 No. 17 (NT)
PA National Gas (Northern Territory) Act 2008 No. 16 (NT)
PA North East Gas Interconnector Pipeline (Special Provisions) Act 2015 No. 34 (NT)
PR Petroleum (Submerged Lands) (Application of Commonwealth Laws) Regulations 2004 No. 41 (NT)
PA Energy and Water Ombudsman Act 2006 No. 61 (QLD)
PA Gas Supply Act 2003 No. 29 (QLD)
PA Gasfields Commission Act 2013 No. 16 (QLD)
PA Land Access Ombudsman Act 2017 No. 34 (QLD)
PA Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Act 2014 No. 47 (QLD)
PR National Energy Retail Law (Queensland) Regulation 2014 No. 339 (QLD)
PA National Gas (Queensland) Act 2008 No. 27 (QLD)
PR National Gas (Queensland) Regulation 2014 No. 340 (QLD)
PA Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 No. 25 (QLD)
PA Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Act 2017 No. 28 (QLD)
PA Emergency Management Act 2004 No. 30 (SA)
PA Essential Services Commission Act 2002 No. 14 (SA)
PA Gas Act 1997 No. 24 (SA)
PA National Gas (South Australia) Act 2008 No. 19 (SA)
PR National Gas (South Australia) Regulations 2008 No. 205 (SA)
PA Natural Gas Authority Act 1967 No. 3 (SA)
PR Gas (Distribution System) Order 2001 No. 201 (TAS)
PR Gas (Exclusive Distribution Franchise) Order 2003 No. 79 (TAS)
PR Gas (Exemption) Order 2006 No. 5 (TAS)
PR Gas (Foundation Customers) Order 2002 No. 12 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Bridgewater Order 2014 No. 105 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Devonport Order 2014 No. 106 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Hobart Order 2014 No. 104 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Launceston Order 2014 No. 102 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Quoiba Order 2014 No. 107 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) South Esk Order 2014 No. 103 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Upper Burnie Order 2014 No. 109 (TAS)
PA Gas Industry Act 2019 No. 1 (TAS)
PR Gas Pipelines (Pipeline Corridor) Ulverstone Order 2014 No. 108 (TAS)
PR Gas Pipelines (Pipeline Corridors) Order 2003 No. 2 (TAS)
PR Gas Pipelines (Sensitive Developments) Revocation Order 2002 No. 108 (TAS)
PR Gas Pipelines (Transmission Pipeline) Order 2001 No. 202 (TAS)
PA Gas Safety Act 2019 No. 2 (TAS)
PA Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Subsidy) Act 1980 No. 68 (TAS)
PA National Gas (Tasmania) Act 2008 No. 19 (TAS)
PB Safe Climate Bill 2020 (TAS)
PA Energy Safe Victoria Act 2005 No. 39 (VIC)
PA Essential Services Commission Act 2001 No. 62 (VIC)
PA Gas and Fuel Corporation (Heatane Gas) Act 1993 No. 88 (VIC)
PA Gas Industry (Residual Provisions) Act 1994 No. 112 (VIC)
PA Gas Industry Act 2001 No. 31 (VIC)
PA Gas Safety Act 1997 No. 99 (VIC)
PR National Gas (Victoria) (Declared System Provisions) Regulations 2014 No. 22 (VIC)
PA National Gas (Victoria) Act 2008 No. 30 (VIC)
PA Pipelines Act 2005 No. 61 (VIC)
PR Regional Development Victoria Regulations 2015 No. 83 (VIC)
PR Australian Energy Market Operator (Functions) Regulations 2015 (WA)
PA Barrow Island Act 2003 No. 61 (WA)
PA Browse (Land) Agreement Act 2012 No. 61 (WA)
PR Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline (Corridor) Regulations 1998 (WA)
PA Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline Act 1997 No. 53 (WA)
PR Economic Regulation Authority (Licensing Funding) Regulations 2014 (WA)
PR Economic Regulation Authority (National Gas Access Funding) Regulations 2009 (WA)
PR Electricity Industry (Independent Market Operator) Repeal Regulations 2018 (WA)
PA Energy Arbitration and Review Act 1998 No. 65 (WA)
PR Energy Coordination (Customer Contracts) Regulations 2004 (WA)
PR Energy Coordination (Gas Tariffs) Regulations 2000 (WA)
PR Energy Coordination (General) Regulations 1995 (WA)
PR Energy Coordination (Higher Heating Value) Regulations 2008 (WA)
PR Energy Coordination (Last Resort Supply) Regulations 2005 (WA)
PR Energy Coordination (Ombudsman Scheme) Regulations 2004 (WA)
PR Energy Coordination (Retail Market Schemes) Regulations 2004 (WA)
PA Energy Coordination Act 1994 No. 71 (WA)
PR Energy Industry (Rule Change Panel) Regulations 2016 (WA)
PA Energy Safety Act 2006 No. 24 (WA)
PR Energy Safety Regulations 2006 (WA)
PA Gas Corporation (Business Disposal) Act 1999 No. 58 (WA)
PA Gas Services Information Act 2012 No. 5 (WA)
PR Gas Services Information Regulations 2012 (WA)
PR Gas Standards (Gas Supply and System Safety) Regulations 2000 (WA)
PR Gas Standards (Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations) Regulations 1999 (WA)
PR Gas Standards (Infringement Notices) Regulations 2007 (WA)
PA Gas Standards Act 1972 No. 15 (WA)
PA Gas Supply (Gas Quality Specifications) Act 2009 No. 35 (WA)
PR Gas Supply (Gas Quality Specifications) Regulations 2010 (WA)
PA Goldfields Gas Pipeline Agreement Act 1994 No. 19 (WA)
PR National Gas Access (WA) (Local Provisions) Regulations 2009 (WA)
PR National Gas Access (WA) (Part 3) Regulations 2009 (WA)
PA National Gas Access (WA) Act 2009 No. 16 (WA)
PR National Gas Access (WA) Adoption of Amendments Order 2020 No. 195 (WA)
PA Natural Gas (Canning Basin Joint Venture) Agreement Act 2013 No. 2 (WA)
PA North West Gas Development (Woodside) Agreement Act 1979 No. 104 (WA)
PR Petroleum (Submerged Lands) (Resource Management and Administration) Regulations 2015 (WA)
PR Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resources (Resource Management and Administration) Regulations 2015 (WA)
PA Reserves (Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline Corridor) Act 2003 No. 23 (WA)
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