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PA Excess Exploration Credit Tax Act 2015 No. 17 (CTH)
PB Landholders' Right to Refuse (Gas and Coal) Bill 2015 (CTH)
PA Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Regulatory Levies) Act 2003 No. 117 (CTH)
PR Long Service Leave (Metalliferous Mining Industry) Regulation 2016 No. 546 (NSW)
PR Mining Regulation 2016 No. 498 (NSW)
PA Merlin Project Agreement Ratification Act 1998 No. 84 (NT)
PR Mineral Titles Regulations 2011 No. 39 (NT)
PA Mining (Gove Peninsula Nabalco Agreement) Act 1968 No. 5 (NT)
PA North East Gas Interconnector Pipeline (Special Provisions) Act 2015 No. 34 (NT)
PA Trans-Territory Pipeline and Blacktip Gas Projects (Special Provisions) Act 2005 No. 23 (NT)
PA Alcan Queensland Pty. Limited Agreement Act 1965 No. 2 (QLD)
PA Central Queensland Coal Associates Agreement Act 1968 (QLD)
PA Central Queensland Coal Associates Agreement and Queensland Coal Trust Act 1984 No. 27 (QLD)
PA Central Queensland Coal Associates Agreement Variation Act 1996 No. 27 (QLD)
PA Century Zinc Project Act 1997 No. 49 (QLD)
PA Commonwealth Aluminium Corporation Pty. Limited Agreement Act 1957 No. 105 (QLD)
PA Mount Isa Mines Limited Agreement Act 1985 No. 7 (QLD)
PA North Stradbroke Island Protection and Sustainability Act 2011 No. 11 (QLD)
PA Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 No. 25 (QLD)
PA Queensland Nickel Agreement Act 1988 No. 92 (QLD)
PA Queensland Nickel Agreement Act 1970 (QLD)
PR Survey and Mapping Infrastructure (Survey Standards - Requirements for Mining Tenures) Notice (No. 1) 2011 2011 No. 221 (QLD)
PA Thiess Peabody Coal Pty. Ltd. Agreement Act 1962 No. 7 (QLD)
PA Thiess Peabody Mitsui Coal Pty Ltd Agreements Act 1965 No. 22 (QLD)
PA Townsville Zinc Refinery Act 1996 No. 57 (QLD)
PA Broken Hill Proprietary Company's Indenture Act 1937 No. 2362 (SA)
PA Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982 No. 52 (SA)
PA Whyalla Steel Works Act 1958 No. 28 (SA)
PA Copper Mines of Tasmania Pty. Ltd. (Agreement) Act 1999 No. 39 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Bridgewater Order 2014 No. 105 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Devonport Order 2014 No. 106 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Hobart Order 2014 No. 104 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Launceston Order 2014 No. 102 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Quoiba Order 2014 No. 107 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) South Esk Order 2014 No. 103 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Upper Burnie Order 2014 No. 109 (TAS)
PR Gas Pipelines (Pipeline Corridor) Ulverstone Order 2014 No. 108 (TAS)
PA Goldamere Pty Ltd (Agreement) Act 1996 No. 30 (TAS)
PA Iron Ore (Savage River) Arrangements Act 1996 No. 64 (TAS)
PR Mineral Resources Development (Application of Act) Order 2006 No. 78 (TAS)
PR Mineral Resources Development (Application of Act) Order (No. 2) 2002 No. 179 (TAS)
PR Mineral Resources Development (Application of Act) Order (No. 3) 2002 No. 180 (TAS)
PR Mineral Resources Development (Exemption) Order 2005 No. 14 (TAS)
PR Mineral Resources Development (Fossil Site) Order 2003 No. 154 (TAS)
PR Mineral Resources Regulations 2016 No. 41 (TAS)
PA Mines Work Health and Safety (Supplementary Requirements) Act 2012 No. 46 (TAS)
PR Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal Regulations 2014 No. 134 (TAS)
PA Alcoa (Portland Aluminium Smelter) Act 1980 No. 9434 (VIC)
PA Geothermal Energy Resources Act 2005 No. 7 (VIC)
PA Alumina Refinery (Mitchell Plateau) Agreement Act 1971 No. 67 (WA)
PA Alumina Refinery (Pinjarra) Agreement Act 1969 No. 75 (WA)
PA Alumina Refinery (Wagerup) Agreement and Acts Amendment Act 1978 No. 15 (WA)
PA Alumina Refinery (Worsley) Agreement Act 1973 No. 67 (WA)
PA Alumina Refinery Agreement Act 1961 No. 3 (WA)
PA Alumina Refinery Agreements (Alcoa) Amendment Act 1987 No. 86 (WA)
PA BHP Billiton (Termination of Agreements) Agreement Act 2006 No. 63 (WA)
PA Collie Coal (Griffin) Agreement Act 1979 No. 82 (WA)
PA Collie Coal (Western Collieries) Agreement Act 1979 No. 4 (WA)
PA Collie-Cardiff Railway Act 1951 No. 37 (WA)
PA Diamond (Argyle Diamond Mines Joint Venture) Agreement Act 1981 No. 108 (WA)
PR Diamond (Ashton Joint Venture) Security Regulations 1982 (WA)
PA Eastern Goldfields Transport Board Repeal Act 2008 No. 28 (WA)
PA Gold Corporation Act 1987 No. 99 (WA)
PR Hamersley Iron (Port of Dampier) By-laws 1971 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (Channar Joint Venture) Agreement Act 1987 No. 61 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (FMG Chichester Pty Ltd) Agreement Act 2006 No. 44 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (Goldsworthy-Nimingarra) Agreement Act 1972 No. 30 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (Hamersley Range) Agreement Act 1963 No. 24 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (Hope Downs) Agreement Act 1992 No. 62 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (Marillana Creek) Agreement Act 1991 No. 2 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (McCameys Monster) Agreement Authorization Act 1972 No. 104 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (Mount Bruce) Agreement Act 1972 No. 37 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (Mount Goldsworthy) Agreement Act 1964 No. 97 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (Mount Newman) Agreement Act 1964 No. 75 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (Murchison) Agreement Authorisation Act 1973 No. 50 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (Rhodes Ridge) Agreement Authorisation Act 1972 No. 36 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (Robe River) Agreement Act 1964 No. 91 (WA)
PR Iron Ore (Robe River) Cape Lambert Ore and Service Wharves By-laws 1995 (WA)
PA Iron Ore (Wittenoom) Agreement Act 1972 No. 38 (WA)
PA Leslie Solar Salt Industry Agreement Act 1966 No. 14 (WA)
PR Leslie Solar Salt Industry Agreement By-Laws 1968 (WA)
PA Mineral Sands (Beenup) Agreement Act 1995 No. 17 (WA)
PA Mineral Sands (Cooljarloo) Mining and Processing Agreement Act 1988 No. 68 (WA)
PA Mineral Sands (Eneabba) Agreement Act 1975 No. 54 (WA)
PR Mining (Ellendale Diamond Royalties) Regulations 2002 (WA)
PA Mining (Validation and Amendment) Act 1986 No. 1 (WA)
PA Mining Rehabilitation Fund Act 2012 No. 33 (WA)
PA Nickel (Agnew) Agreement Act 1974 No. 81 (WA)
PA Nickel Refinery (BHP Billiton Nickel West Pty Ltd) (Termination of Agreements) Agreement Act 2008 No. 36 (WA)
PA Offshore Minerals (Registration Fees) Act 2003 No. 11 (WA)
PA Onslow Solar Salt Agreement Act 1992 No. 50 (WA)
PA Poseidon Nickel Agreement Act 1971 No. 59 (WA)
PA Reserves (Tjuntjuntjara Community) Act 2018 No. 40 (WA)
PA Shark Bay Solar Salt Industry Agreement Act 1983 No. 67 (WA)
PA Silicon (Kemerton) Agreement Act 1987 No. 93 (WA)
PA Tailings Treatment (Kalgoorlie) Agreement Act 1988 No. 9 (WA)
PA Uranium (Yeelirrie) Agreement Act 1978 No. 110 (WA)
PA Western Mining Corporation Limited (Throssell Range) Agreement Act 1985 No. 93 (WA)
PA Wundowie Charcoal Iron Industry Sale Agreement Act 1974 No. 73 (WA)
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