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PA Lakes Act 1976 No. 65 (ACT)
PR Lakes Regulation 2019 No. 8 (ACT)
PR Magistrates Court (Nature Conservation Infringement Notices) Regulation 2015 No. 20 (ACT)
PA Nature Conservation Act 2014 No. 59 (ACT)
PA Coastal Waters (Northern Territory Powers) Act 1980 No. 76 (CTH)
PA Coastal Waters (Northern Territory Title) Act 1980 No. 78 (CTH)
PA Coastal Waters (State Powers) Act 1980 No. 75 (CTH)
PA Coastal Waters (State Title) Act 1980 No. 77 (CTH)
PA Environment Protection (Alligator Rivers Region) Act 1978 No. 28 (CTH)
PB Great Australian Bight Environment Protection Bill 2019 (CTH)
PA Coastal Management Act 2016 No. 20 (NSW)
PR Commercial Fishing Environmental Impact Statement Arrangements 2001 No. 229 (NSW)
PA Constitutional Powers (Coastal Waters) Act 1979 No. 138 (NSW)
PA Lake Macquarie Smelter Site (Perpetual Care of Land) Act 2019 No. 9 (NSW)
PA New South Wales - Queensland Border Rivers Act 1947 No. 10 (NSW)
PR Protection of the Environment Operations (Hunter River Salinity Trading Scheme) Regulation 2002 No. 856 (NSW)
PR Tamworth Regional Local Environmental Plan 2010 2011 No. 27 (NSW)
PA Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Act 1995 No. 55 (NSW)
PR Water Management (Application of Act to Bellinger River Coastal Floodplain Alluvial Groundwater Water Source) Proclamation 2020 No. 290 (NSW)
PR Water Management (River Murray Traffic) Regulation 2016 No. 312 (NSW)
PR Water Sharing Plan for the North Western Unregulated and Fractured Rock Water Sources 2011 No. 490 (NSW)
PR Water Sharing Plan for the NSW Border Rivers Regulated River Water Source 2009 No. 218 (NSW)
PR Wybong Creek Water Source Access Licence Conversion Factor Order 2014 No. 863 (NSW)
PA Cullen Bay Marina Act 1992 No. 81 (NT)
PR Cullen Bay Marina Regulations 1993 No. 40 (NT)
PA Lake Bennett (Land Title) Act 2005 No. 2 (NT)
PA Lake Eyre Basin Intergovernmental Agreement Act 2009 No. 13 (NT)
PA McArthur River Project Agreement Ratification Act 1992 No. 79 (NT)
PA Off-Shore Waters (Application of Territory Laws) Act 1985 No. 45 (NT)
PA Ports Management Act 2015 No. 11 (NT)
PA Biosecurity Act 2014 No. 7 (QLD)
PA Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995 No. 41 (QLD)
PA Constitutional Powers (Coastal Waters) Act 1980 No. 1 (QLD)
PA Implementation of The Spit Master Plan Act 2020 No. 6 (QLD)
PA Lake Eyre Basin Agreement Act 2001 No. 56 (QLD)
PA New South Wales - Queensland Border Rivers Act 1946 No. 16 (QLD)
PA North Stradbroke Island Protection and Sustainability Act 2011 No. 11 (QLD)
PA River Improvement Trust Act 1940 No. 5 (QLD)
PA Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Project Agreement Act 1998 No. 9 (QLD)
PR Water Plan (Boyne River Basin) 2013 No. 301 (QLD)
PA Coast Protection Act 1972 No. 49 (SA)
PA Lake Eyre Basin (Intergovernmental Agreement) Act 2001 No. 9 (SA)
PA Linear Parks Act 2006 No. 7 (SA)
PA Marine Parks Act 2007 No. 60 (SA)
PA Off-Shore Waters (Application of Laws) Act 1976 No. 28 (SA)
PA River Murray Act 2003 No. 35 (SA)
PA River Murray Waters (Dartmouth Reservoir) Act 1971 No. 7 (SA)
PA River Murray Waters Agreement Supplemental Agreement Act 1963 No. 25 (SA)
PR Water Resources (Lower Limestone Coast Prescribed Wells Area) Regulations 2004 No. 246 (SA)
PR Water Resources (Morambro Creek) Regulations 2001 No. 32 (SA)
PA West Beach Recreation Reserve Act 1987 No. 79 (SA)
PA West Lakes Development Act 1969 No. 46 (SA)
PA Coastal and Other Waters (Application of State Laws) Act 1982 No. 12 (TAS)
PA Constitutional Powers (Coastal Waters) Act 1979 No. 62 (TAS)
PA Fishing (Licence Ownership and Interest) Registration Act 2001 No. 96 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Bridgewater Order 2014 No. 105 (TAS)
PR Gas (Pipeline Corridor) Hobart Order 2014 No. 104 (TAS)
PR Gas Pipelines (Pipeline Corridor) Ulverstone Order 2014 No. 108 (TAS)
PR Inland Fisheries (Delay or Prevention of Spread of Controlled Fish) Order 2003 No. 124 (TAS)
PA Lakes Sorell and Crescent Conservation Act 1901 No. 53 (TAS)
PA Launceston Flood Risk Management Act 2015 No. 24 (TAS)
PA Marine-related Incidents (MARPOL Implementation) Act 2020 No. 22 (TAS)
PA Offshore Waters Jurisdiction Act 1976 No. 34 (TAS)
PA State Coastal Policy Validation Act 2003 No. 7 (TAS)
PA Constitutional Powers (Coastal Waters) Act 1980 No. 9366 (VIC)
PA Great Ocean Road and Environs Protection Act 2020 No. 19 (VIC)
PA Heritage Rivers Act 1992 No. 36 (VIC)
PA Marine and Coastal Act 2018 No. 26 (VIC)
PA Marine Safety Legislation (Lakes Hume and Mulwala) Act 2001 No. 74 (VIC)
PA Murray-Darling Basin Act 1993 No. 39 (VIC)
PA Victorian Environmental Assessment Council Act 2001 No. 81 (VIC)
PR Water Industry (Reservoir Parks Land) Regulations 2014 No. 171 (VIC)
PR Water Industry (Waterways Land) Regulations 2013 No. 25 (VIC)
PA Yarra River Protection (Wilip-gin Birrarung murron) Act 2017 No. 49 (VIC)
PA Aquatic Resources Management Act 2016 No. 53 (WA)
PA Constitutional Powers (Coastal Waters) Act 1979 No. 95 (WA)
PR Evaporites (Lake Macleod) (Cape Cuvier Berth) By-laws 1991 (WA)
PA Evaporites (Lake MacLeod) Agreement Act 1967 No. 3 (WA)
PA Geraldton Foreshore and Marina Development Act 1990 No. 44 (WA)
PA Off-Shore (Application of Laws) Act 1982 No. 21 (WA)
PA Swan and Canning Rivers (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Act 2006 No. 52 (WA)
PR Swan and Canning Rivers (Transitional) Regulations 2007 (WA)
PR Swan and Canning Rivers Foundation Rules 2009 (WA)
PA Swan and Canning Rivers Management Act 2006 No. 51 (WA)
PR Swan and Canning Rivers Management Regulations 2007 (WA)
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