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PA Human Rights Commission Act 2005 No. 40 (ACT)
PA Sexuality and Gender Identity Conversion Practices Act 2020 No. 49 (ACT)
PR Australian Human Rights Commission (Allowances) Regulations 1987 1987 No. 267 (CTH)
PA Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 No. 125 (CTH)
PB Australian Multicultural Bill 2018 (CTH)
PR Charter of the United Nations (Sanctions - Mali) Regulations 2018 (CTH)
PR Charter of the United Nations (Sanctions - Syria) Regulation 2015 No. 162 (CTH)
PR Charter of the United Nations (Sanctions - Yemen) Regulation 2014 No. 49 (CTH)
PA Charter of the United Nations Act 1945 No. 32 (CTH)
PA DisabilityCare Australia Fund Act 2013 No. 37 (CTH)
PB Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2021 (CTH)
PA Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Act 1986 No. 126 (CTH)
PA Independent National Security Legislation Monitor Act 2010 No. 32 (CTH)
PR International Organizations for Migration (Privileges and Immunities) Regulations 1991 No. 457 (CTH)
PA International War Crimes Tribunals Act 1995 No. 18 (CTH)
PR International War Crimes Tribunals Regulations 1995 1995 No. 250 (CTH)
PA Modern Slavery Act 2018 No. 153 (CTH)
PR Race Discrimination Commissioner (Allowances) Regulations 1987 No. 265 (CTH)
PR Sex Discrimination Commissioner (Allowances) Regulations 1984 No. 179 (CTH)
PR United Nations (Privileges and Immunities) Regulations 1986 No. 66 (CTH)
PA United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Act 1947 No. 24 (CTH)
PA United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Act 1944 No. 42 (CTH)
PA World Health Organization Act 1947 No. 93 (CTH)
PA Advocate for Children and Young People Act 2014 No. 29 (NSW)
PA Ageing and Disability Commissioner Act 2019 No. 7 (NSW)
PA Modern Slavery Act 2018 No. 30 (NSW)
PA Health Practitioners Act 2004 No. 21 (NT)
PA Health Service Act 2021 No. 10 (NT)
PA National Health Funding Pool and Administration (National Uniform Legislation) Act 2012 No. 21 (NT)
PA Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011 No. 32 (QLD)
PA Human Rights Act 2019 No. 5 (QLD)
PA Mental Health Act 2016 No. 5 (QLD)
PB Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Bill 2020 (SA)
PB Gender Equality Bill 2021 (SA)
PA End Of Life Choices (Voluntary Assisted Dying) Act 2021 No. 1 (TAS)
PB Supply Chain (Modern Slavery) Bill 2020 (TAS)
PA Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021 No. 3 (VIC)
PA Gender Equality Act 2020 No. 5 (VIC)
PR Sex Offenders Registration Regulations 2014 No. 142 (VIC)
PA Declared Places (Mentally Impaired Accused) Act 2015 No. 4 (WA)
PR Health (Rheumatic Heart Disease Register of Western Australia) Regulations 2015 (WA)
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