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PA Utilities (Telecommunications Installations) Act 2001 No. 34 (ACT)
PR Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (Privileges and Immunities) Regulations 1981 No. 6 (CTH)
PR Australian and Overseas Telecommunications Corporation Regulations 1992 No. 415 (CTH)
PA Australian Communications and Media Authority Act 2005 No. 44 (CTH)
PA Do Not Call Register Act 2006 No. 88 (CTH)
PA Enhancing Online Safety Act 2015 No. 24 (CTH)
PR INTELSAT (Privileges and Immunities) Regulations 1984 No. 283 (CTH)
PA National Broadband Network Companies Act 2011 No. 22 (CTH)
PA National Transmission Network Sale Act 1998 No. 130 (CTH)
PA Postal and Telecommunications Commissions (Transitional Provisions) Act 1975 No. 56 (CTH)
PR SITA (Privileges and Immunities) Regulations 1989 No. 285 (CTH)
PA Submarine Cables and Pipelines Protection Act 1963 No. 61 (CTH)
PA Telecommunications (Carrier Licence Charges) Act 1997 No. 49 (CTH)
PR Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) (Characteristics for Standard Telephone Service) Regulation 2012 No. 99 (CTH)
PA Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999 No. 50 (CTH)
PR Telecommunications (Equipment for The Disabled) Regulations 1998 No. 133 (CTH)
PA Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 No. 114 (CTH)
PA Telecommunications (Numbering Charges) Act 1997 No. 51 (CTH)
PA Telecommunications (Regional Broadband Scheme) Charge Act 2020 No. 48 (CTH)
PA Telecommunications (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Act 1997 No. 59 (CTH)
PA Telecommunications Act 1997 No. 47 (CTH)
PR Telecommunications Regulations 2001 No. 65 (CTH)
PR Telstra Corporation (Transfer of Shares - Stamp Duty) Regulations 1997 No. 247 (CTH)
PA Telstra Corporation Act 1991 No. 79 (CTH)
PR Telstra Corporation Regulations 2000 No. 103 (CTH)
PA Government Telecommunications Act 2018 No. 67 (NSW)
PA Telecommunications (Interception and Access) (New South Wales) Act 1987 No. 290 (NSW)
PA Major Events Act 2014 No. 60 (QLD)
PA Telecommunications (Interception) Act 2012 No. 56 (SA)
PA Telecommunications (Interception) Tasmania Act 1999 No. 36 (TAS)
PA Telecommunications (Interception) (State Provisions) Act 1988 No. 46 (VIC)
PA Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Western Australia Act 1996 No. 44 (WA)
PR Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Western Australia Regulations 1996 (WA)
PR W.A. Marine (Radiotelephony) Regulations 1981 (WA)
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