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PA Dams Safety Act 2015 No. 26 (NSW)
PA Farm Water Supplies Act 1946 No. 22 (NSW)
PR State Environmental Planning Policy (Primary Production and Rural Development) 2019 No. 137 (NSW)
PR State Water Management Outcomes Plan Order 2002 No. 1028 (NSW)
PR Water Management (Abolition of Anabranch Water Trust) Proclamation 2018 No. 129 (NSW)
PR Water Management (Application of Act to Bellinger River Coastal Floodplain Alluvial Groundwater Water Source) Proclamation 2020 No. 290 (NSW)
PR Water Management (Application of Act to Nambucca Unregulated and Alluvial Water Sources) Proclamation 2016 No. 600 (NSW)
PA Water Management Act 2000 No. 92 (NSW)
PR Water Sharing Plan for the Belubula Regulated River Water Source 2012 No. 489 (NSW)
PR Water Sharing Plan for the Namoi and Peel Unregulated Rivers Water Sources 2012 No. 493 (NSW)
PR Wybong Creek Water Source Access Licence Conversion Factor Order 2014 No. 863 (NSW)
PA Cooper Basin (Ratification) Act 1975 No. 93 (SA)
PA Ground Water (Qualco-Sunlands) Control Act 2000 No. 63 (SA)
PA Groundwater (Border Agreement) Act 1985 No. 104 (SA)
PA Irrigation Act 2009 No. 13 (SA)
PA Renmark Irrigation Trust Act 2009 No. 14 (SA)
PA River Murray Act 2003 No. 35 (SA)
PR Water Resources (Tintinara Coonalpyn Prescribed Wells Area) Regulations 2000 No. 260 (SA)
PA Farm Water Development Act 1985 No. 42 (TAS)
PA Irrigation Clauses Act 1973 No. 39 (TAS)
PA Irrigation Company Act 2011 No. 12 (TAS)
PR River Clyde Irrigation Rights Order 2005 No. 95 (TAS)
PR Water Management (Dam Works Exemption) Order 2015 No. 80 (TAS)
PR Water Management (Division 3 Declared Works) Order 2015 No. 88 (TAS)
PR Water Management (Division 4 Permit Conditions) Order 2015 No. 89 (TAS)
PR Water Management (Safety of Dams) Regulations 2015 No. 98 (TAS)
PR Water Management (Sassafras Wesley Vale Groundwater Area) Order 2012 No. 67 (TAS)
PA Water Management Act 1999 No. 45 (TAS)
PA Waterworks Clauses Act 1952 No. 86 (TAS)
PA Essential Services Commission Act 2001 No. 62 (VIC)
PA Groundwater (Border Agreement) Act 1985 No. 10218 (VIC)
PA Murray-Darling Basin Act 1993 No. 39 (VIC)
PR Agriculture and Related Resources Protection (European House Borer) Regulations 2006 (WA)
PA Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914 No. 19 (WA)
PR Water Services (Water Corporations Charges) Regulations 2014 (WA)
PA Water Services Act 2012 No. 24 (WA)
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