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PA Payroll Tax Act 2011 No. 18 (ACT)
PR Coal Mining Industry (Long Service Leave) Legislation Amendment Regulation 2012 No. 217 (CTH)
PA Coal Mining Industry (Long Service Leave) Payroll Levy Act 1992 No. 62 (CTH)
PA Coal Mining Industry (Long Service Leave) Payroll Levy Collection Act 1992 No. 61 (CTH)
PA Commonwealth Authorities (Australian Capital Territory Pay-Roll Tax) Act 1995 No. 96 (CTH)
PA Commonwealth Authorities (Northern Territory Pay-Roll Tax) Act 1979 No. 2 (CTH)
PA Pay As You Go Withholding Non-compliance Tax Act 2012 No. 95 (CTH)
PA Pay-roll Tax (State Taxation of Commonwealth Authorities) Act 1971 No. 104 (CTH)
PR Pay-Roll Tax (Territories) Regulations 1986 No. 189 (CTH)
PR Pipeline Authority (Liability To Taxation) Regulations 1976 No. 164 (CTH)
PR Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Corporations (Liability To Pay-roll Tax) Regulations 1995 No. 306 (CTH)
PA Payroll Tax Act 2007 No. 21 (NSW)
PA Payroll Tax Deferral (BlueScope Steel) Act 2015 No. 68 (NSW)
PR Payroll Tax Rebate Scheme (Jobs Action Plan) Regulation 2015 No. 13 (NSW)
PA Payroll Tax Act 2009 No. 18 (NT)
PA Payroll Tax Act 1971 No. 37 (QLD)
PA Payroll Tax Act 2009 No. 22 (SA)
PA Payroll Tax Act 2008 No. 16 (TAS)
PA Judicial Entitlements Act 2015 No. 29 (VIC)
PA Payroll Tax Act 2007 No. 26 (VIC)
PR Commonwealth Places (Mirror Taxes Administration) Regulations 2007 (WA)
PA Duties Act 2008 No. 11 (WA)
PA Pay-roll Tax (Indigenous Wages) Rebate Act 2012 No. 27 (WA)
PR Pay-roll Tax (Indigenous Wages) Rebate Regulations 2016 (WA)
PA Pay-roll Tax Act 2002 No. 47 (WA)
PA Pay-roll Tax Assessment Act 2002 No. 48 (WA)
PR Pay-roll Tax Assessment Regulations 2003 (WA)
PA Pay-roll Tax Rebate Act 2012 No. 26 (WA)
PA Pay-Roll Tax Rebate Act 2010 No. 5 (WA)
PR Pay-roll Tax Relief (COVID-19 Response) Regulations 2020 No. 178 (WA)
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