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PA Australian Border Force Act 2015 No. 40 (CTH)
PR Customs (International Obligations) Regulation 2015 No. 32 (CTH)
PA Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003 No. 131 (CTH)
PR Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Regulations 2003 No. 366 (CTH)
PA Port Statistics Act 1977 No. 125 (CTH)
PR Stevedoring Industry Levy Collection Regulations 1977 No. 237 (CTH)
PR Stevedoring Levy (Collection) Regulations 1998 No. 226 (CTH)
PR Stevedoring Levy (Distribution of Surplus Levy) Regulations 2007 No. 17 (CTH)
PR Stevedoring Levy (Imposition) Regulations 1998 No. 225 (CTH)
PA Ports and Maritime Administration Act 1995 No. 13 (NSW)
PA Cullen Bay Marina Act 1992 No. 81 (NT)
PR Cullen Bay Marina Regulations 1993 No. 40 (NT)
PR Marine Pollution Regulations 2003 No. 8 (NT)
PA Port of Darwin Act 2015 No. 10 (NT)
PA Ports Management Act 2015 No. 11 (NT)
PR Ports Management Regulations 2015 No. 13 (NT)
PA Airport Assets (Restructuring and Disposal) Act 2008 No. 46 (QLD)
PA Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (Long-Term Lease) Act 2001 No. 54 (QLD)
PR Harbours (Management of Harbour Works) Order 1992 No. 320 (QLD)
PA Maritime Safety Queensland Act 2002 No. 29 (QLD)
PA Off-Shore Facilities Act 1986 No. 32 (QLD)
PA Queen's Wharf Brisbane Act 2016 No. 17 (QLD)
PR Transport Infrastructure (Waterways Management) Regulation 2012 No. 231 (QLD)
PA Harbors and Navigation Act 1993 No. 41 (SA)
PA South Australian Ports (Bulk Handling Facilities) Act 1996 No. 94 (SA)
PA South Australian Ports (Disposal of Maritime Assets) Act 2000 No. 93 (SA)
PA Port Companies Act 1997 No. 14 (TAS)
PA Roads and Jetties Act 1935 No. 82 (TAS)
PA Tasmanian Ports Corporation Act 2005 No. 41 (TAS)
PA Delivering Victorian Infrastructure (Port of Melbourne Lease Transaction) Act 2016 No. 10 (VIC)
PR Port Management (Local Ports) Regulations 2015 No. 71 (VIC)
PR Port Management (Prescribed Bodies) Regulations 2012 No. 124 (VIC)
PA Port Management Act 1995 No. 82 (VIC)
PA Transport Integration Act 2010 No. 6 (VIC)
PA Bunbury Harbour (East Perth-Bunbury) Railway Act 1970 No. 25 (WA)
PR Hamersley Iron (Port of Dampier) By-laws 1971 (WA)
PA Harbours and Jetties Act 1928 No. 38 (WA)
PA Iron Ore Processing (Mineralogy Pty Ltd) Agreement Act 2002 No. 26 (WA)
PA Jetties Act 1926 No. 45 (WA)
PR Jetties Regulations 1940 (WA)
PR Marine and Harbours (Departmental Areas) Regulations 1998 (WA)
PR Marine and Harbours (Fuelling) Regulations 1985 (WA)
PA Marine and Harbours Act 1981 No. 21 (WA)
PR Mooring Regulations 1998 (WA)
PA Pilbara Port Assets (Disposal) Act 2016 No. 52 (WA)
PR Port Authorities (Description of Port of Balla Balla) Order 2017 (WA)
PA Port Authorities Act 1999 No. 22 (WA)
PR Port Authorities Regulations 2001 (WA)
PA Port Kennedy Development Act 2017 No. 8 (WA)
PR Shipping and Pilotage (Ports and Harbours) Regulations 1966 (WA)
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