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PA A New Tax System (Medicare Levy Surcharge - Fringe Benefits) Act 1999 No. 18 (CTH)
PA Australian Defence Force Cover Act 2015 No. 118 (CTH)
PA DisabilityCare Australia Fund Act 2013 No. 37 (CTH)
PA Health Insurance (Approved Pathology Specimen Collection Centres) Tax Act 2000 No. 134 (CTH)
PA Health Insurance (Pathology) (Fees) Act 1991 No. 191 (CTH)
PA Health Insurance Act (1973) 1974 No. 42 (CTH)
PA Health Insurance Commission (Reform and Separation of Functions) Act 1997 No. 159 (CTH)
PA Human Services (Medicare) Act 1973 1974 No. 41 (CTH)
PR Income Tax (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2010 No. 302 (CTH)
PR Medical Indemnity (Competitive Advantage Payment) Regulations 2005 No. 313 (CTH)
PA Medical Indemnity (Run-off Cover Support Payment) Act 2004 No. 76 (CTH)
PR Medical Indemnity (UMP Support Payment) Regulations 2004 No. 9 (CTH)
PA Medical Indemnity Act 2002 No. 132 (CTH)
PA Medicare Guarantee Act 2017 No. 71 (CTH)
PA Medicare Levy Act 1986 No. 110 (CTH)
PA Midwife Professional Indemnity (Commonwealth Contribution) Scheme Act 2010 No. 30 (CTH)
PA Midwife Professional Indemnity (Run-off Cover Support Payment) Act 2010 No. 31 (CTH)
PA National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 No. 20 (CTH)
PR National Health (Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines - Cost Recovery) Regulations 2009 No. 372 (CTH)
PR National Health (Variation of Nursing Home Benefits) (No. 5) Regulations 1976 No. 268 (CTH)
PA National Health Act 1953 No. 95 (CTH)
PR National Health Regulation 2016 (CTH)
PR Private Health Insurance (ACAC Review Levy) Regulations 2004 No. 188 (CTH)
PA Private Health Insurance (Collapsed Insurer Levy) Act 2003 No. 71 (CTH)
PA Private Health Insurance (Complaints Levy) Act 1995 No. 40 (CTH)
PA Private Health Insurance (Council Administration Levy) Act 2003 No. 72 (CTH)
PA Private Health Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2015 No. 85 (CTH)
PA Private Health Insurance (Risk Equalisation Levy) Act 2003 No. 73 (CTH)
PA Private Health Insurance Supervisory Levy Imposition Act 2015 No. 83 (CTH)
PA Health Care Liability Act 2001 No. 42 (NSW)
PA Health Insurance Levies Act 1982 No. 159 (NSW)
PR Insurance Approval Order 2003 No. 359 (NSW)
PA National Disability Insurance Scheme (NSW Enabling) Act 2013 No. 104 (NSW)
PA State Insurance and Care Governance Act 2015 No. 19 (NSW)
PA National Disability Insurance Scheme (Authorisations) Act 2019 No. 15 (NT)
PA National Disability Insurance Scheme (Worker Clearance) Act 2020 No. 7 (NT)
PA National Injury Insurance Scheme (Queensland) Act 2016 No. 34 (QLD)
PA End Of Life Choices (Voluntary Assisted Dying) Act 2021 No. 1 (TAS)
PA Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017 No. 61 (VIC)
PA Transfer of Incorporation (HBF and HIF) Act 2009 No. 11 (WA)
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