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PA Aerospace Technologies of Australia Limited Sale Act 1994 No. 144 (CTH)
PA Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Act 1987 No. 3 (CTH)
PR Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Regulations 1994 No. 259 (CTH)
PA Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (Licence Charges) Act 1998 No. 134 (CTH)
PR Bounty (Computers) Regulations 1987 No. 27 (CTH)
PR Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (Conversion Into Public Company) Regulations 1990 No. 406 (CTH)
PA CSL Sale Act 1993 No. 88 (CTH)
PA Medical Research Future Fund Act 2015 No. 116 (CTH)
PA Narcotic Drugs (Licence Charges) Act 2016 No. 75 (CTH)
PA Plant Health Australia (Plant Industries) Funding Act 2002 No. 80 (CTH)
PA Science and Industry Endowment Act 1926 No. 21 (CTH)
PA Science and Industry Research Act 1949 No. 13 (CTH)
PA Innovation and Productivity Council Act 1996 No. 77 (NSW)
PA Biological Resources Act 2006 No. 31 (NT)
PA Biodiscovery Act 2004 No. 19 (QLD)
PA Nuclear Facilities Prohibition Act 2007 No. 4 (QLD)
PR Research Involving Human Embryos and Prohibition of Human Cloning for Reproduction Regulation 2015 No. 95 (QLD)
PA Fruit and Nut Industry (Research, Development and Extension Trust Fund) Repeal Act 2019 No. 35 (TAS)
PR Improving Cancer Outcomes (Diagnosis Reporting) Regulations 2015 No. 107 (VIC)
PR Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Centre By-laws 1997 (WA)
PR Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Aerial Application) Regulations 2018 (WA)
PR Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Agricultural Chemical Record Keeping) Regulations 2020 No. 130 (WA)
PR Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Agriculture Standards) Regulations 2013 (WA)
PR Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Identification and Movement of Stock and Apiaries) Regulations 2013 (WA)
PA Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 No. 23 (WA)
PR Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Regulations 2013 (WA)
PA Chemistry Centre (WA) Act 2007 No. 10 (WA)
PR Chemistry Centre (WA) Regulations 2007 (WA)
PA Industry and Technology Development Act 1998 No. 13 (WA)
PR Industry and Technology Development Regulations 1998 (WA)
PA Pigment Factory (Australind) Agreement Act 1986 No. 92 (WA)
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