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The LexConnect online service provides anywhere, anytime understanding of which Australian Standards are referenced in which Australian Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation.

LexConnect Benefits

LexConnect assists you with meeting your compliance obligations by indicating:

  • if the Standard that interests you is mandated by, or referred to, in legislation
  • where in the legislation it is referenced
  • what other Standards are referenced in the same legislation.

How LexConnect Works

This simple to use service:

  • allows you to search for a Standard by keyword or reference number
  • presents the legislation in which the Standard is referenced or indicates whether the Standard is referenced in legislation
  • lists other standards referenced within that piece of legislation
  • hyperlinks through to the relevant legislation
  • hyperlinks through to your Standards Online subscription or InfoStore
  • allows you to purchase and/or add the Standards to your online service.

LexConnect is critical to every organization - private or public - seeking to comply with Australian legislation.

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