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SH&E Monitor

With up to 10,000 SH&E obligations and the potential for 1,500 changes per year, the SH&E Monitor is a comprehensive service delivering weekly updates on the impact of regulatory change on specific business processes. Our SH&E experts and legal editors provide plain English guidance on how to apply the changes to your business, based upon extensive analysis of changes to regulation and industry best practice guidelines.

SAI Global's SH&E Monitor is a unique and comprehensive regulatory tracking and update service to help you overcome the gap that exists between understanding regulation and applying it effectively in the workplace.

The SH&E Monitor covers:

  • All Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions
  • Acts and Regulations
  • Australian, New Zealand and International Standards
  • Codes of Practice
  • Guidance notes
  • Industry practice guidelines and safety alerts

The key benefits to your business are:

  • That it provides Australia's most comprehensive coverage of Australian and New Zealand SH&E regulatory changes from one source
  • Updates you on not only 'what' has changes but 'how' these changes affect your business processes, providing guidance for their application
  • Saving time and simplifying the process of keeping up to date
  • Allowing SH&E professionals, boards and committees to feel secure that their business is aware of all SH&E changes
  • Reaches all areas of the business and gives individual staff greater insight and understanding for a strong culture of SH&E compliance and risk management
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